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"A thoughtful, timely, and beautifully written book that every American should read if we are to ever learn from the disaster of Vietnam." - Ron Kovic, author of Born on the Fourth of July


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Vietnam War Reconsidered, John Ketwig
My Story

In 1966 I was a teenager, a fan of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan. I loved road racing at Watkins Glen, drag racing, and I dreamed of someday visiting exotic California where I would see hot rods and surfers. Instead, I was sent to Vietnam and Thailand, where I saw things I had never imagined. Years later, the books I read about those events didn’t begin to describe what I wanted my kids to know about the war. So, I began to type out my story and hand the pages to my wife. I had never written more than a letter before this, but my story became a book! After 30+ years and 27 printings, …and a hard rain fell: A G.I.’s True Story of the War in Vietnam is still on bookstore shelves. That was a memoir, but I found, after many years of meeting students, veterans, and baby boomers that I needed to say more about the war and modern-day militarism in America.   The result is my new book. Vietnam Reconsidered: The War, The Times, and Why They Matter.  This book is part history, and part analysis of a variety of aspects of that dreadful time. Most importantly, it looks at today’s wars and military adventures and examines lessons that were never learned. It is now available, and the early reviews are terrific!    < Click Here to Read More >


My Books

Vietnam Reconsidered:
The War, the Times, and Why They Matter

...and a hard rain fell:
A GI's True Story of the War in Vietnam

My Books
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