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I am a Vietnam veteran, and for many years I have suffered from the knowledge that I took part in something so brutal and inhumane inflicted upon the helpless peasants of that country, Laos, and Cambodia. Now the atrocities have come home. The evening news and morning newspapers tell us of thousands of babies and toddlers torn from the arms of their parents, with no provisions whatsoever in place to reunite those families.

While I welcome legal immigrants to our country, I believe illegal or undocumented aliens should not be allowed to establish roots here. Still, the forced separation of children from their families is an atrocity and simply political terrorism. I cannot help but be reminded of the tiger cages in Vietnam, and the Holocaust.

I am appalled that even our Congressmen and Senators are not allowed to view the internment camps where the immigrant children are being held. It appears that most of those Senators and Representatives are quietly avoiding any involvement, hiding in their corporate lobby-infested cocoons and legislatively masturbating while everything our nation once stood for is being dismantled. The Trump administration’s agenda is anything but “conservative”. It is totalitarian, frightening, and threatening to everything America once represented. Hopefully, come November every single incumbent Senator and Congressman will be sent home in disgrace, and impeachment proceedings will get under way.

Letter to the Editor of the Roanoke Times that was printed on Sunday, July 8, 2018.

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