• John Ketwig


Updated: Jul 16, 2018

LTE (Letter to the Editor) Roanoke Times January 2017

I read with great interest today’s (1-25-2017) article ‘1984’ sales soar amid Trump claims, stating that sales of George Orwell’s classic novel have recently topped Amazon.com’s best-seller list. The article suggests that the increased sales of this 1949 book have come in the wake of the Trump administration’s statements regarding the size of the crowd at his inauguration, and unsubstantiated allegations that Mr. Trump was elected despite widespread illegal voting for his opponent. Reading this report, I cannot help but wonder who has been buying so many copies of this famous book. Is it concerned members of the general public looking for tell-tale signs of “newspeak” in the daily avalanche of pronouncements from the Trump administration? Or might it be the unqualified, inexperienced, but ideologically zealous Trump appointees looking for some clue, a textbook to instruct them how they might proceed if approved for their various positions of authority?

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